Ideas from Mrs Claus to make our time together perfect!


Before our Visit, Please Read These Ideas

A few weeks before our special visit, please call Santa to talk about some of the last minute details.

Arriving and Leaving

Santa loves to make a grand entrance!  Some children like the anticipation of Santa’s visit, and some like to be surprised!  Either way, just let Santa know ahead of time.  At the time of our arrival, parents can help with listening for reindeer noises from the roof and exclamations of wonderment. Then, Santa enters with sleigh bells ringing, a great big Ho! Ho! Ho! and asks all the children for hugs for himself and Mrs Claus.

The  excitement is overwhelming and sometimes children just do not understand and may even cry.  Usually directing them to me helps take the attention off the big guy.  Later they may warm up to Santa or they may be more comfortable with me. We do not want any child to cry.  There is always next year!

Tell Santa where he should park his red sleigh (his vehicle really is red) and which entry door we should use.  Santa says the chimney only works on Christmas Eve when the children are all asleep!

Santa is usually having so much fun he forgets that he needs to go back to the North Pole to make more presents.  Neither of us wear a watch, so please help keep us on time. 

When we leave for the North Pole, the children love to watch us fly away in the sleigh!  Santa will show them from which window to watch and wave goodbye.  Santa will explain to the children that the sleigh will be going very fast and they have to look very carefully, both with their eyes and their hearts to see us waving to them.  It is always fun for the grown ups to watch with the children and join in the merriment!

Activities While the Children are Gathered in Front of Santa

Before the children sit on Santa's knee, we ask the children to gather together on the floor in front of us. We answer questions that only a child's imagination can contemplate.  Then Santa asks the children if they would like to sing some of his favorite songs, can you guess which which ones?

 Sometimes Santa enjoys reading his favorite story, “T’was the Night Before Christmas.”  He loves to show the beautiful illustrations from the book that I gave him one Christmas. Sometimes I will read a very special letter from a little girl a long time ago, “Yes Virginia, There is A Santa Claus.” 

Sitting with Santa and Mrs Claus

This is a very special time for all of us.  Big, overstuffed chairs will just put Santa to sleep.  It is better to have regular height chairs without arms or deep padding.  Kitchen or folding chairs often work well.  Santa always sits to my left.  If presents are provided by the parents, they should be placed to my right, along with Santa's Bag.  If candy canes are provided, they can set on a small table to my right. 

Because Santa is used to the chilly North Pole, he always brings a small electric fan and extension cord.  He asks that a parent-elf greet us before we enter, set the fan on low, in front of Santa's chair, a little to the left, about 5-6 feet away on the floor.  Be sure to arrange the fan and cord so that no one trips.  Would you please ask a parent-elf to unplug the fan and have it ready for Santa's bag as we leave. 

Having a few minutes in private conversation with each child is so important to us and to your child.  Yes, Santa will ask every child what they want for Christmas.  He never promises a specific request, but always assures each child that he will bring them something very special.  Often he will ask other questions, such as what they are learning in school and about their brothers, sisters and friends.  Santa and your child will decide how long their visit will be, and asks everyone to please be patient with them in their special time together.  

Santa is so good at deciding the perfect moment for pictures.  You should take pictures continually. But, for the perfect posed picture, I will arrange pretty dresses, hair, and straighten bow ties. Santa will then let us know when we are ready to pose for your picture.

There can be so many cameras taking pictures at the same time, we love it!  Whenever possible, taking turns and telling us which camera is next helps us to adjust our attention to the right camera.

If presents are to be opened while each child is sitting with Santa, see "Opening Presents" below.

What about the big kids?  Santa loves to have children of ALL ages visit, take pictures and share their Christmas wishes!

Remember to take group pictures of families, friends, cousins and grandparents

Opening Presents

If you told Santa there are presents to open during our visit, Santa will bring his Magic Santa Bag.  Before our grand entrance, a parent-elf can help Santa with  placing the presents into the Bag. The parent-elf can then discretely place the bag to my right just before we sit down. Be sure each present is clearly marked with the child’s name. If there is a parent-elf or child-elf, they should hand the presents to me.  I will then hand the present to Santa or to the child directly. Each child will be invited to open their present while sitting with Santa.  Rudolph suggests that if the present needs batteries, you should install and test the toy before wrapping (Santa says you can play with the toy for a few minutes).  To make it safer and more fun, remove all ties and staples to make sure your child can open their present and enjoy it immediately. 

It is delightful to see the children playing, and often Santa will sit on the floor and play along with them!


The elves suggest decorating the area to be best suited for perfect Christmas memories.  One idea from Santa is to decorate as you remember when you were a child.  Because Santa and I always wear red, the background color should be contrasting.  Not all cameras work well with Christmas tree lights and background windows.  Try your camera before our visit  to eliminate glares and distractions.

If you have any suggestions how we can make our time together even more special, please contact Santa